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Hi there 👋

I am full-stack engineer from Europe and I own a company named LBKE.

As a teacher

I am Next.js expert, you can discover my Next.js Patterns online course here and my 3 days live training at Human Coders there

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I've written a complete course around Next.js optimizations based on React Server Components and Static Revalidation, "Blazing Fast Next.js with React Server Components"

You can find all my articles on my technical blog, Prismic blog, Medium and Smashing magazine.

I've formalized a pattern for statically rendering personalized content (yes, it's possible and it happens all the time!), named Segmented Rendering.

My open source work

I am a member of the Devographics collective that runs the State of JS, CSS and GraphQL surveys (and maybe more soon?).

Find our open source monorepository here.

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As a freelancer

For startups and entrepreneurs: I quickly build highly scalable web architecture, using modern JavaScript and Python technologies. For bigger companies: I modernize your technological stack, using the latest and most efficient development patterns.

If your company is based in France, you can get tax cuts when you hire me!

I do:

  • JavaScript full-stack development: Next.js, Node.js, GraphQL, React, Electron, Express MongoDB, webassembly...
  • Technical writing: literature review, scientific journalism
  • Data science: dashboard conception, algorithm design
  • Teaching: web development entry level, advanced Next.js and Jamstack

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Build Blazingly Fast Websites with React Server Components in Next.js with IBKE founder, Eric Burel

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